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pygtk2, how to disconnect all callback of widget or window event ?
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pygtk2, how to disconnect all callback of widget or window event ?
I doubt it. Each widget is a separate instance of it's class, which means each has it's own bindings
for events. It would be very unlikely that all instances would have a universal unset.
That being said, it would be possible (though difficult, and I think you'd have to write your own) to do so by walking the children of the main widget,
for example root in tkinter.

Removing all binding on a particular widget should be easy, just search for and remove all bind and command statements.

But first, please provide enough information to properly answer the question.
Since there at least 4 relatively common graphics packages in use, it is necessary to know what you are using.

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RE: pygtk2, how to disconnect all callback of widget or window event ? - by Larz60+ - Feb-19-2017, 11:44 PM

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