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Most efficient way of reshaping a list-array structure
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Most efficient way of reshaping a list-array structure

I'm dealing with huge data and I'm looking for an efficient way to reshape my list of arrays. Here is my solution which I find to be slow
#x is an input of shape [file,measurement, array(n,r)], i.e.
#len(x) returns file
#len(x[0]) returns measurement
#x[0][0].shape returns (n,r)
the output I require:
#new_x is a list of arrays, its shape is [file*measurement*n, array(r)]
I'm using the following code:

for ii in range(len(x)):
    for jj in range(len(x[0])):
        for kk in range(len(x[0][0])):
Is there a more efficient way?
Thank you for your help.
What about
for xi in x:
    for xij in xi:
Much faster, thank you!

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