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page impossible to scrap? :O
Hi guys,

i have found page where i cant scrap the shortest flight

how it come? it is possible to block site from scrapping?

page = ''
r = requests.get(page)
content = (r.text)
soup = BeautifulSoup(content, 'html.parser')
test = soup.find_all(class_='BpkTicket_bpk-ticket__paper__2gPSe BpkTicket_bpk-ticket__main__J31fH BpkTicket_bpk-ticket__main--padded__WIbjx BpkTicket_bpk-ticket__main--horizontal__2MgwA BpkTicket_bpk-ticket__paper--with-notches__19yQc'):
I guess flight seeker sites works with some kind of refresh data, hence, its not visible in requests? am i right? In this case i would need some sleep/wait function, right?
If they use JavaScript you may need to use Selenium
Check our tutorial -
look for God dammit JavaScript, why do i not get all content and next
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Create MCV example
Debug small programs

Thanks buran,

as always helpful! :)

now time to learn captcha solving! :D

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