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error when inserting list statement from python to MySQL
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error when inserting list statement from python to MySQL
HI all i am trying to insert data from a python script i have and i am getting an error, i thank you for your help in advance and feel free to let me know if there is a better way to do what I am trying to do here , as i am still new to coding with python any help would be good, i will be adding other locations soon as please letme know if that would be best to do each with another file or all in the one
import mysql.connector
from requests_html import HTMLSession

# create an HTML Session object
session = HTMLSession()

# Use the object above to connect to needed webpage
resp = session.get("")

# Run JavaScript code on webpage

# parse <span class="with-image"> elements containing airline names
airline_list = []
airline_spans = resp.html.find('.with-image')
for span in airline_spans:

# parse <div class="city-name"> elements containing airline names
dest_list = []
dest_divs = resp.html.find('.city-name')
for span in dest_divs:

# parse <div class="flight-numbers"> elements containing Flight numbers
flightnumber_list = []
flightnumber_divs = resp.html.find('.flight-numbers')
for span in flightnumber_divs:

# parse <div class="heading-large"> elements containing Sec depart time
secdepartime_list = []
secdepartime_divs = resp.html.find('.large-scheduled-time')
for span in secdepartime_divs:

# parse <div class="estimated-time"> elements containing estimated-time
estimatedtime_list = []
estimatedtime_divs = resp.html.find('.estimated-time')
for span in estimatedtime_divs:

# parse <div class="estimated-time"> elements containing latesttime
status_list = []
status_divs = resp.html.find('.status-container')
for span in status_divs:

#Connecting go the mysql database to store the infomation

mydb = mysql.connector.connect(
print("Adding Sydney Domestic Airport Flight Information to the Database")
mycursor = mydb.cursor()
sql = "INSERT INTO FlightData (Origan, destination,Flight-Number, Airline, Scheduled,Estimated,Status ) VALUES (%s, %s)"
val = ("Sydney", dest_list, flightnumber_list, airline_list, secdepartime_list, estimatedtime_list, status_list)
mycursor.execute(sql, val)

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