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AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'xpath'
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AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'xpath'
Dear Members,

I am sorry for the repeated post. I posted on the wrong sub-forum and then realized that this sub-forum is the right one for me. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

I am very new to python. I am using the following code to extract the details of each product.

I am collecting product names from the original page and using each product link, I am collecting price, SKU, and frame information from the linked pages. However, I am getting an attribute error for the web-link command. One possible problem could be that the parsed link includes "".

I think the main problem is href="". The code would work if the link were href="/eyeglasses/fz1370"

Full python code:

import scrapy

class GlassSpider(scrapy.Spider):
    name = 'glass'
    allowed_domains = ['']
    start_urls = ['']

    def parse(self, response):
        names=response.xpath("//p[@class='pname col-sm-12']/a")
        for name in names:

            yield response.follow(url=link, callback=self.parse_glass, meta={'glass_name': name})

    def parse_glass(self, response):
        sku=response.xpath("//ul[@class='col-12 col-sm-6 default-content']/li[1]/text()").get()

            'glass_name': name,
            'price': price,
            'sku': sku,
            'frame': frame
I started working on python this week. I would highly appreciate if you can mention what specific change I should make to my codes to correct the attribute error

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