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Help w/ Max/Min User Input Code
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Help w/ Max/Min User Input Code
I am trying to make a small program that prompts the user for inputs and that at the end will spit out the highest and lowest numbers entered, also to end when "done" is typed. I am not sure why my output keeps coming back as max and min = none and I can not get invalid input to print.

If you click the broken image link it should work.
Thank you.

[Image: xmTZN0z]
Can not test code in a image.
Post code in code tags.
If you post an image of your code, we can just look at it. If you post the text of your code, in Python tags, then we can copy and paste it into our editors, run it, play around with it, and figure out what's wrong. I'm not sure what's wrong with your code, so I want to run it, but I'm not retyping all of that.
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