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Cannot Extract data through charts online
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Cannot Extract data through charts online
Hey, actually I have been trying my best to extract data from charts (called as technical analysis charts which I have paid for) . The problem I have been facing is that there are options to select number of companies and number of indicators to be analyzed in their website, but I want the data to be in a tabular format for my academic research. For instance, while I need data for say a company called 'NABIL', I can see the prices in the form of charts, but whenever I try to decode it, I cannot get even words related to the company or even about their prices. The only thing I see is some links that connects the technical chart's website linking to the stock exchange center's website. I am just a beginner in python and do not quite the technical terms.

Thank you in advance.

I have attached the text file's link which I got from running file as:

The following is the link of how a technical analysis chart looks like.
Technical Analaysis Chart Sample Image

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