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Add path to a local file in pop-up field
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Add path to a local file in pop-up field
I am scripting in Selenium no problems on that.

At a certain point I click on browse (a http element) and a pop-up opens to upload a local file from hard disk drive.

So what I need is (I am outside Selenium here):

1) Insert a text in the active window. This will be the Path and the Name of the file to upload
2) Press <ENTER>

Can that be done? When I record with Selenium IDE add-on those 2 steps record nothing.
Of course, it is because I am outside the scope of Selenium.

If it is to any importance, I develop in Windows but will execute in Linux.
The solution should work in Linux as well.
Please post code, it would help in understanding what you are trying to do.

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