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Problème command
In this forum, users live in many different places around the world, but everybody agrees on the use of english as a common language, so please try to write your future posts in english. I know it can be difficult but there are online translation tools that can help you with this.

Concerning the code, usually one uses a single Tk instance at a time in tkinter, so if you want to create several toplevel windows, use instances of the Toplevel class instead. Also mainloop() is normally called on a single window. I changed a few things in the code to make it work.

from tkinter import *
def louer_materiel():
    def louer():
    fenetre1 = Toplevel()
    entree = Entry(fenetre1,textvariable=saisir, width=30).grid(row=2, column=2,columnspan=2,pady=8)
    bouton_valider  = Button(fenetre1, text="ok", command=louer,width=10,heigh=1).grid(row=3,column=2,padx=20, pady=8)

def acceuil ():
    fenetre = Tk()
    bouton1 = Button(fenetre, text="Louer un matériel",width=36,heigh=1,command=louer_materiel).grid(row=2,column=1,padx=20, pady=8)

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