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How to Hire a Python Programmer? It's hard because I don't know
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How to Hire a Python Programmer? It's hard because I don't know
I have several candidates who are all very interested in working on a project but I do not know if they know how to program and how good they are.

Is there any TEST programs I can give them with API that I can see if they can do the work? I want to compare several different people who have interviewed to become the programmer the company.

Their job would entail working with an API, management of inventory, and sales. They would create a website or program that would allow the company to interact with.

I am not sure if I can test them on something not really work related. Maybe I can give them an assignment on Google API? Something fairly small that won't take up too much of their time but enough to know which person to hire.
If your well versed in Python you can just write a task for each programmer to complete and compare the results. Often it comes to algorithms or tricks to see if they talk the talk, but not walk the walk. These questions can include things that would be included in your project or outside of it.

This post gives a link to a book that could be helpful. As stated in the link as well.... Github/BitBucket history can tell a lot about a person's experience. In today's world it is a programmers resume.

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