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Trying to install Pyquil, says I need Microsoft Visual C++
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Trying to install Pyquil, says I need Microsoft Visual C++
(Feb-18-2020, 09:06 AM)Groucho Wrote: Thanks, but I now find I can't import get_qc from pyquil.
That's import is turn around not right.
>>> from pyquil import get_qc
>>> qc = get_qc('1q-qvm') # Dos a call to a server
No error in import,but to get further need server that's running quantum virtual machine (QVM) server.
There is no info on setup this server on Windows.

Here a blog post i found.
Quote:Hi, u/abu1978. Disclaimer (also the reason why I answered):
I am a Rigetti employee.

You can sign up with your email address to receive Forest SDK download links
for all operating systems at midway down the page under the "Download the new Forest™ SDKβ" header.
Once you do that, you should receive an email from "Rigetti" with the subject "Download the new Forest SDK (beta)."

From there, the instructions for installing the Forest SDK on a Windows device
are very similar to those in the first paragraph of the MacOS installation instructions in that you click on the OS-appropriate download link in the email you received,
in this case forest-sdk.msi for Windows,and follow the system prompts.
Once you finish those, you will have successfully downloaded the Forest SDK.

Now that you have the SDK installed, you can start server mode for pyQuil and get started writing, compiling, and simulating pyQuil.
Please feel free to reply or DM me if I can clarify anything.

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