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How to highlight dataframe columns
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How to highlight dataframe columns
I have below dataframe, I want to highlight P with green, F with red.
  c1 c2 c3
A P  na P  
B F  F  P
C P  P  na
and write to excel.
I use below code,

df.conditional_format('B2:D4', {'type': '2_color_scale'})
df.to_excel("output.xlsx", sheet_name=sheet1)

giving below error:
AttributeError: 'DataFrame' object has no attribute 'conditional_format'
Pandas has some amazing methods to help you plot and present its data but I don't think it has anything specific to the way fonts are displayed. Here is the doc page on the dataframe:
There are no formatting options for color even in the style attribute which is for HTML/CSS.

You could do this right in Excel with conditional formatting or I guess do it programmatically with one of the python excel modules (I've never tried to use them for that).
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