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Regarding building a website

How can we build a website that could cover below points;

1) Provides para/legal services.

2) Should be able to take and/or handle email/other enquiries, and also allow men to receive assistance via chat services one they are authorized and verified.

3) Allows users to select various forms (packaged as plans or offers) of offered services.

4) Possibly manage transactions?

5) Manage chat services.

6) Make chat service and/or other appointments.

7) Possibly host a forum that can easily be taken offline when required.

8) can we build it using python with basic web development - I am undecided upon the language as of yet and unsure of the best approach/language. Obviously it will be in either Java, HTML, possibly Python.

any updates by experts on the same please?

Yes, you can do web development in Python - there are a number of web frameworks, e.g Django, Flask and Bottle.

We aren't going be able to tell you in detail how to build what you need - that's a big ask. Instead, you should go and learn about the relevant things: the HTTP request/response cycle (which will help you understand how the client and server interact); HTML, CSS and JavaScript (for making usable web pages) and databases (for persisting data) at a minimum. There are likely other things, but you need to start somewhere.
ok,I will learn it but to complete above should i install Django,Flask and Bottle softwares,actually i already have installed Pycharm and eclipse IDE on my computer so will it be enough to complete all points to build that website?
You need to choose a web framework. Django is more full featured out of the box than Flask or Bottle, which might be useful, but at the cost of more complexity. Go and read about them, try them out and make a decision.

Again, there's likely more stuff you need to learn about. As you begin building the thing, you'll find you encounter problems you don't know how to solve. At that point, ask.

Also, if this is for a business or something important (that is, rather than just some hobby project), have you put thought into how you're going to test it and where it's going to be hosted?
Ok,So I am planning to use Django for building that website so how can i install it where as i have already installed Pycharm.
should i execute below command to installl it's latest version :-python -m pip install Django.
python -m pip install Django
Why wouldn't you? Also, make sure you're using Python 3.x, since 2.x is unsupported as of 1st January.
Django installation
Docs, tutorials, etc.

Like @ndc85430, I would strongly advise you to look into different frameworks before making hasty decision with long-lasting consequences which one to use.
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How to Ask Questions The Smart Way: link and another link
Create MCV example
Debug small programs

actually i am choosing based on my website development and I believe Django should not disappoint me if i Choose it . I also have Python IDLE installed on my system so tried to execute command as shown in attached screen shot but ended up with invalid syntax error what could be the reason?
i have python 3.8 64 bit Desktop app(IDLE ) installed on my system.
Post the text of what command you're running and what the error is.

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