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start interactive pyhton shell with pre-loaded custom modules
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start interactive pyhton shell with pre-loaded custom modules
Hi all,
I'm a beginner & giving myself a few simple projects to try to find stuff out. I'm trying to make a sort of desktop calculator in the form of a interactive python shell with some modules already loaded so i can just press a shortcut and go.
OS: kubuntu 18.04
python 3.6.9
#!/usr/bin/env python3

# import some modules
import math
import compound_interest
import check_prime

# Go to interactive mode
import code
the build-in module math works, but the self-mades ones don't (see error below). also, i'd like to suppress the version information that's printed when switching to interactive.
TypeError: 'module' object is not callable
Thanks for any help
Show us your modules, because it's working.

def a():

import a
import code

>>> a.a()
Thank you for replying.
It was indeed in the modules. I wrote them first as little programs and didn't realise i needed to remove the "#!/usr/bin/...".

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