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what programming language to learn other than python in real mass-production product?
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what programming language to learn other than python in real mass-production product?
I am wondering what is the main programming language for mass-production physical product. Many people (for only those I know) was saying C++ is the choice, as many PCB use C++. is there still other popular PCB designed for using python in real physical product? is the performance slower than other languages? What about if the product itself has features like IOT and deep learning? Are those PCB still using C++ for those application? If python can be a choice for this, when it come to design a PCB, what kind of specification I should be aware of. Thank reading my post.
I rarely use C++ with python.
I was a C and C++ programmer for years.
Once I learned Python, I no longer had any need for C and/or C++ except for maybe some embedded microprocessor code.
If you look through the packages available for python, here you will get am idea of why I haven't had the need, nor will you.

You will need other 'companion' languages, HTML, SQL, etc. But will find that python can do the brunt of the work.
Some python packages are used a lot more than others, for a small sample:

Flask - Web Development
Kivy, and/or wxpython, and/or Qt5 and more - for graphics
Pandas - for intelligent data presentation
many SQL management packages for just about any DBMS that you can think of.
lots more

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