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Flask Create global response function to be called from every where in the web app
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Flask Create global response function to be called from every where in the web app
new to flask , i have web app that containes few parts
for example:
My Question is how can i make global_response function/handler that can be called from :,, without threading problem
for example:

 clas Utils():
      def A(self):
         return global_response("error","a")

 clas Utils():
          def ORA(self):
             return global_response("error ora","b")
def some_fun(self):
        return global_response("error main","c")
and here is the response function which was in but now needs to be called from any where :

 def global_response(error_msg, title,*options):
        res = {"status": error_msg, "title": title}
        for option in options:
     return json.dumps(res)
I'd like to suggest that you run through Miguel Grinberg's tutorial here:
Free and well done.
Thanks for the response , mybe i was misundestod , i do know how to create responses ,
my question is what is the right way to create response handler that i can use from all the web app .
like singletone that contains the global_response fucntion ,
or pass the object to the method that needs to response ...

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