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QComboBox for PyQt code
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QComboBox for PyQt code
I have Stopwatch program with Current Time, Split Time and Lap Time display.
I have replaced QLable with QComboBox for Lap Time to see all the Laps in order.
But it shows in order from the First to the Last Lap record. But I need the reverse order: From the Last to the First. Is it possible to reverse addItem method ?
Actually I found the resolution (see my new code).
But I still would like to see the last Lap time to be seen in the ComboBox window,
which now remains without any change.
Only when I click on ComboBox window I can see the whole list of Lap times in the order I needed (last time - fist and fist time -last).

I think a list view would be a better choice for displaying a list of times. But if you want to use a ComboBox you will call "setCurrentIndex(0) after inserting your most recent lap time.
That's just magic ! How could I miss that option with "setCurrentIndex(0)" ?
Now it works exactly like I need. List View does not work for me because I do not have space for that and I have to look for the whole list of Lap Times occasionally. Thank you again for your such a helpful and prompt advice.

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