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Python Request's Proxies not working.
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Python Request's Proxies not working.
I'm trying to use requests with proxies, but it only shows my local IP

Here's my test code.


import requests
import random

proxies = [

def get_session(proxies):
    session = requests.Session()
    proxy = random.choice(proxies)
    session.proxies = {"http://": proxy, "https://": proxy}
    return session, proxy

for i in range(5):
    s, proxy = get_session(proxies)
            f"Proxying through {proxy}:",
            s.get("", timeout=1.5).text.strip(),
    except Exception as e:

Proxying through
Proxying through
Proxying through
Proxying through
Proxying through
Any idea's on why this is not working?
try adding scheme to url, as per the docs:
Quote:Note that proxy URLs must include the scheme.

session.proxies = {scheme:f'{scheme}://{proxy}' for scheme in ('http', 'https')}
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