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how to create dynamic arguments to be passed in jinja template in url_for function?
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how to create dynamic arguments to be passed in jinja template in url_for function?
I am creating an online player and here I have a search box which returns songs from a databases that matches the search string searched . Each line is clickable and each contains info about the artist name, album name, and song name.

What I want to do now is, that after clicking it will redirect me to specific url like this .../artistname/albumname/titlename where artistname albumname titlename will be different based on what was clicked. So if i click the first one it should be steveroach/possibleplanet/firstmurmer second should be steveroach/possibleplanet/cellmemory etc..

But i dont now how to create these dynamic arguments to be passed in jinja template in url_for function. Do I need to use some sort of javascript or is there any pure flask way which i should know about? I believe this should be pretty straightofroward ..Here is the code in themplate
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