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Dictionary (next)
(May-03-2020, 07:16 AM)DPaul Wrote: Question: when i take any key, i need to know the previous one.

Then store it separately. Even if you're using an order-maintained dictionary, it's not simple to ask for the "previous" key. You'd have to get a list of keys and index match the current item.

Quote:So, is there an(other) obvious way to find a "previous" element from a dict ?

Don't think of keeping an order in the dictionary. Instead, explicitly store the information you need. Either create a separate dictionary with the data, or store both pieces in the existing dictionary (like a tuple).

Roman = {'M':1000, 'D':500, 'C':100, 'L':50, 'X':10, 'V':5, 'I':1}
prev_roman = {'M':None, 'D':'M', 'C':'D', 'L':'C', 'X':'L', 'V':'X', 'I':'V'}
Roman = {
    'M':(1000, None), 
    'D':(500, 'M'),
    'C':(100, 'D'),
    'L':(50, 'C'),
    'X':(10, 'L'),
    'V':(5, 'X'),
    'I':(1, 'V'),

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