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I am a newbie.Please help me!
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I am a newbie.Please help me!
numbers = [2,2,5]

for x_count in numbers:
    output = ''
    for count in range(x_count):
        output += 'x'
I am trying to print an "L" shape using "x".ie, the First line will consist of two "x"'s. Second-line will consist of two "x"'s and the last line will consist of five "x"'s. I copied this exact code from a python video tutorial. But, The output does not look like "L" and it is something else altogether.

This is the output

x xx x xx x xx xxx xxxx xxxxx
Please tell me. Where did I go wrong?
the last line (#7) should be out of the second loop - move it one level to the left.

As an alternative
numbers = [2,2,5]
for x_count in numbers:
    output = 'x' * x_count
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Thank you.

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