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combining flask webserver and another applicaiton
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combining flask webserver and another applicaiton
I have an application that runs a dehumidifier, through a loop in main(). I have a flask web server to provide a web interface for the dehumidifier. Currently these are separate.
How do I add my main() code into the web server application?
Alternatively how do I make the applications talk to each other?

Where would I start?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you
hard to say without seeing any code or structure.. but i belive you need to make it as a threaded app with some background tasks
Main application (Raspberry Pi)
def main():
    # Initialize log file to empty on start up
    g_logFileName = EMPTY
    g_cntrWiFi = int(time.perf_counter())
        g_cntrWiFi = InternetCheck(g_cntrWiFi)
        updateLog = UpdateOutputs()
        g_logFileName = LogData(updateLog, g_logFileName)
    GPIO.cleanup() # cleanup all GPIO 
Flask web server code snippet:
app = Flask(__name__)

if __name__ == "__main__":, debut=True)
As soon as is executed, nothing else gets executed.
There is not any code in that flask server Wink
Look at this Thread so there i use APScheduler and
send value to client trough jinja.
So parse_func() could be your main function if it return anything,
or you could read the saved logged file in interval.

In this Thread do interval reading from client side with AJAX.

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