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How to allow user input only if certain requirements are met
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How to allow user input only if certain requirements are met
Im quite new to python. Sorry if I am too dumb.

I've been trying to build an agenda for a school, where classes can be scheduled only if other classes arent scheduled at that same time. What function should I attach to the variable, which in this case is the time?
what have you tried?
I have tried .find(), even though I am not sure what it does
If you post the code you tried, we can give feedback on how to improve it.
Feel like you're not getting the answers you want? Checkout the help/rules for things like what to include/not include in a post, how to use code tags, how to ask smart questions, and more.

Pro-tip - there's an inverse correlation between the number of lines of code posted and my enthusiasm for helping with a question :)

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