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crontab on RHEL7 not calling python script wrapped in shell script
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crontab on RHEL7 not calling python script wrapped in shell script
Hi I have a Python3 script wrapped in a shell script (needs to be for the moment) which executes fine when running from command line, but doesn't execute from crontab.

I have tested touching a file within the wrapper and it is created, so the script is running, but the python call does nothing.

Shell script contains as follows, very basic:

python ${1}

No errors, no output.

"which python" resolves to: /opt/rh/rh-python36/root/bin/python
You need to provide more details. When you say "wrapped in a shell" I expected the Python code to be embedded in a shell script, but you show a .py file. Please give enough detail to reproduce.
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