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Excel: Apply formating of a sheet(file1) to another sheet(file2)
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Excel: Apply formating of a sheet(file1) to another sheet(file2)

Does python offers the possibility of applying the formatting style from a sheet (from file1) to another sheet(from file2). I would like to this without opening the file and just apply the "format painter" or without trying using macros or VBA s.

This can be done by python or do I need to install additional plugins/add-ons?
(May-26-2020, 07:00 AM)lowermoon Wrote: I would like to this without opening the file
How do you expect to read from and write to a file without opening the source and target files? By opening I don't mean starting excel application...
There are plenty of packages to work with excel files. It may depend on file format - xls or xlsx.
For example - relevant section in openpyxl documentation - Working with styles
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