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Scipy kolmogorov smirnov test for evaluating the fitting of a non-normal distribution
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Scipy kolmogorov smirnov test for evaluating the fitting of a non-normal distribution
Hi thank you in advance for reading this

Can Scipy kolmogorov smirnov (KS) test be used for evaluating the fitting of a non-normal distribution like the Exponnorm, to a continuous variable?

My observed data is a series of 2083 observed daily flow records.

I´m using the following code to test the fitting:

test=kstest(x,'exponnorm', {15.423611244139217, 5.930740266809032, 1.799877032067283})
,and these are the results:
KstestResult(statistic=0.8600795890927582, pvalue=0.0)

Considering the critical value for the KS test = 0.0289 the null hypothesis would be rejected.
Nevertheless when I look at the probability plot, the fitting seems ok. I´m doing something wrong? Thank you so much



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