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[split] New to the forum, how to post a question?
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[split] New to the forum, how to post a question?
I am new in this forum I want to post my problems which I am facing. How to do it? I am unable to find any icon to post on this forum.
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Welcome to the forum. Wrote:Posting a new thread
When you go to a forum you are interested in and you wish to create a new topic (or thread), simply choose the button at the top and bottom of the forums entitled "New topic". This chooses where your thread is posted. You must fill out both the title (Thread Subject) as well as content (Your Message), then select the button "post thread" under the content to post it on the forums. Please try to use a subject title that describes your problem well. From the subject title alone it should give a good indication of what the problem is, 'Please Help' is not a good subject title, for example. If you are unsure of the problem, at the very least you can put "unexpected output".
Also, remember, post the thread according to your subject - take your time reading about the different topics to post in, and then post it in the right place
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I can't post a topic why? I did follow your guys instruction but its not working.
Test bye @snippsat as user Xenex_ultra122
(Dec-04-2022, 02:25 AM)Xenex_ultra122 Wrote: I can't post a topic why? I did follow your guys instruction but its not working.
I have tested(with your user) and posted new Thread and Reply and it work correct.

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