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Extract data with Selenium and BeautifulSoup
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Extract data with Selenium and BeautifulSoup
Hi, I'm trying to extract live betting data from this sports betting site, this is the code I use
from selenium import webdriver
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
import time

browser = webdriver.Chrome()
url = ''
soup = BeautifulSoup(browser.page_source, 'html.parser')
events = []

for i in'div[class="name"]'):
if I open the url of the event in this case Benfica-Tondela with this code I extract the data of that event but if I want to extract the data of all the events in live I have to open the events page and click with Selenium to open all event links or is there a faster method? thank you all for your help
If you have to traverse several pages that contain JavaScript, there are a couple of options.
  1. You can continue to use beautiful soup to parse a page, but selenium when you have to follow a link.
  2. Do it all with selenium
Thanks for the reply, so doing everything with Selenium or using Beautifulsoap is the same or one method is better than another ?
Neither fits all websites.
Beautifulsoup where no JavaScript expansion is necessary, Selenium otherwise.
It would be helpful for you if you went through Snippsat's web scraping tutorial,
which only takes a few minutes and will give you a better outlook on which package fits which situation.
web scraping part 1
web scraping part 2

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