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Hi Guys, please help me to write SAS macro parameter equivalent code in Python
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Hi Guys, please help me to write SAS macro parameter equivalent code in Python
please help me to automate below sas macro parameter in python.

Thank you,

%macro test_macro(date, metnam, measuresuf, measurebase, bas_flag, month, year);
proc sql;
%local_connect_to_teradtaa(database = dbc);
create table work.tmp_mta_prodmon_ubs as
select * from connection to tera
&metnam as metric_name,
extract(year from load_date)*100+ extract(month from load_date) as data_dt,
0 as mth_nbr,
sum(&measuresuf) as metric_value,
sum(&measurebase) as metric_base,
case when brand = '' then 'unknown' else brand end as brand,
&bas_flag. as bas_calc_flag,
'ABC' as legal_entity
from bac.test_table
where extract(month from load_date) = &month
and extract(year from load_date) = &year
group by metric_name,data_dt,mth_nbr,brand,bas_calc_flag,legal_entity

%test_macro(&dt,'metric_a', test_stock,test_inact,1,&mth,&yr);
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Thank You

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