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[GI] Error when I close the interface Glade/GTK3/
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[GI] Error when I close the interface Glade/GTK3/
Hello everyone

I have a probleme with my interface glade. I can open my interface, no problem with that, It's work in the way I want but when I close it all the main programm stop and I have two messages in the consol

( Gtk-CRITICAL **: 09:01:00.615: gtk_widget_get_accessible: assertion 'GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed> ( Atk-CRITICAL **: 09:01:00.615: atk_object_remove_relationship: assertion 'ATK_IS_OBJECT (target)' failed
I don't understand what/where is the problem. I tried to add return true like the following answer but it's dosn't work. Furthermore I don't know what I need to post for this problem (the glade interface ? the init python )

Thank you for your futur answer

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[GI] Error when I close the interface Glade/GTK3/ - by Charles25 - Jun-16-2020, 07:55 AM

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