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Simple Timer Question
Hi all -
I'm new to Python, so I apologize for this post - I'm not exactly sure what to be looking for, since when you search for "Python" and "Timer", there's an avalanche of information.

Essentially, what I'd like to do is run a timer in the background that executes a bit of code (let's say a print function) at a specified, recurring interval (let's say once every minute).

I'm using Python 3.7, if that changes the nature of the answer at all.

In my opinion, that's kind of a broad question.
Are you going to be using a gui, shell, or some other way of executing the code?
I welcome all feedback.
The only dumb question, is one that doesn't get asked.

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What you describe is event scheduling,there is a build in sched.
What i have used before is schedule(easy to use) and APScheduler(more advance).
# pip install schedule
import schedule
import time

def p1():

def p2():


while True:
thank you! that works great.
i'm using shell.

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