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Cannot copy file to another location
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Cannot copy file to another location
I am trying to copy a file to another location in Python 2.7 and I am getting error all the time saying no such file or directory. The file is actually present because when I do print fname it does print out the correct filename in that for loop. If you know any other way to copy file to a destination location please do tell me.

import os
import shutil

currDir = os.curdir
destDir = 'C:\Users\\user1\Documents\PET'
for dirName, subDirList, fileList in os.walk(currDir):
    for fname in fileList:
        if fname == '':
            shutil.copyfile(fname, destDir)
        if fname == 'GMB.fluf':
            shutil.copyfile(fname, destDir)
for shutil.copyfile you specify the source and destination FILE NAMEs. Your command is trying to replace the PED directory with some file.

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