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How to calculate compounded profits on a given day?
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How to calculate compounded profits on a given day?
I think perfringo hit it off with the best practice yet. I would take their approach, it is more clean and much more effecient. I was reading a guide rom DataCamp on working with excel and importing data using python. Check that out: Here

I hope this helps, thanks for adding your code perfringo!
Hi perfringo,

yes that seems to reflect my spreadsheet exactly.

How would you then get the user to pick out a result for a given day only? That's what I'm trying to achieve.

Basically, I'm looking for the user to punch in the investment amount, assumed returns and the day they would like results for. With an output showing the results (just like in your example but for a given day)

As always, before you start to code given problem, you need to be aware of theory behind the problem and should be able to do it without code (e.g. with pen and paper).

Note also the effect of compound frequency
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