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The portal currently shows a copy of all recent posts. Which is nice. However, some of them are very long. And they are shown in total. It would be better to just show the first say 100 characters, then provide a link to see the full post. The link is already there, by the way, it is the post's title. Just need a way to cap very long posts.
That sounds good to me. Ill look into that.
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The portals should now be cut off after 500 characters with a link
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Thanks. There is however an issue when a bbcode tag was opened but not yet closed before the char limit. The tag will show in text and the text will not be modified as expected. I think it is okay, but may seem somewhat strange.
After researching this, it looks to be a known issue of this plugin.
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(Sep-15-2016, 03:07 PM)metulburr Wrote: After researching this, it looks to be a known issue of this plugin.

Hey metul, could you tell me the name of that plugin?
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Instead of recent posts (which can be seen other ways), it'd be super cool if the portal was sort of a nexus of news. Like announcements from, major package updates, etc. With maybe links to popular threads here or a quick-start guide or a faq for very common questions.

...actually, the 'very common questions' would be super cool, as then we can just link to it when someone new posts one of those.

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