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"Class already defined" while using typings.
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"Class already defined" while using typings.
I'm building a little program but I'm trying to make it more easily expandable for the future (without the need of much refactoring). I'm experimenting with thing I have never used before like typings.
I have a small typings file that looks like this (called
from typing import (

from typing import ForwardRef as ref

CustomLevel = ref("levels.level.CustomLevel")
OfficialLevel = ref("levels.level.OfficialLevel")

__all__ = (

I also have a file under ./levels/. In the file I have a base class but also a CustomLevel and OfficialLevel. At the top of I am importing the CustomLevel typing. The issue is I am getting an error saying:
class already defined (line 5)
because the import of the CustomLevel type is clashing with definition of the CustomLevel class, like so:
from ..typings import (

class CustomLevel(): #<--- erros here since 'customlevel' is already defined
	def __init__(self) -> None:
	def somefunc(self) -> CustomLevel:
I am actually using an already existing api as a sort of "guide". What I mean is I am looking at the code of the api, because I think it's pretty good code, and using some of the features I think will be helpful in my program (like typings). In their api they do exactly what I am doing where they import a type from their typing file, and then create a class of the same name. In theirs they don't get an error though.

How can I fix this error?

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