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factorial, repeating
1.n = int(input())
3.factorial = 1
4.while n > 1:
6. factorial *= n
7. n -= 1
11.#I would like to write a code where I could repeat the action endlessly and ask the user for the number he wants to find the factorial. I've tried both "break" and "continue", just in the book I'm reading a summary of "while". I also wanted to write "input", but the code did not work
You can repeat endlessly with a while True loop
while True:
    # code to be repeated endlessly
I dont get the question completely but i gues this would help
def iter_factorial(n):
    n = input("Enter a number: ")
    factorial = 1
    if int(n) >= 1:
        for i in range (1,int(n)+1):
            factorial = factorial * i
        return factorial
num=int(input("Enter the number: "))

print("factorial of ",num," (iterative): ",end="")
If this does not help, try to go through this article factorial in python
I believe all is asked for is wrapping a loop around the loop. To elaborate slightly on Gribouillis:
while True:
        n = int(input('Enter number or done: '))
    except ValueError:
        break  # Quit if input is not a number

    factorial = 1
    for i in range(1, n+1):
        factorial *= i
    print(f'{n}! = {factorial}')
I hate to spoil the party:
import math
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