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Retrieve data from MongoDB
I saved some data in mongodb using mongoengine. That binary field look like this
{ "$binary": "/9j/4QA4.........ldfl==", "$type": "00"}
I need read / retrieve only that $binary part using mongoengine? How to do that?
I'm beginner for python programming. I'm developing a little python program and mongodb use as a database with mongoengine. In my program I stored data in mongodb collection coreectly without any error. Now I want to use that stored data for some processes. As a example in my case I stored some binary data and It stored in mongodb collection named user as {"propic"{"$binary": {"base64": "/9j/4AAQS........iigAooooAKKKKAP/2Q==","subType": "00"}}}. So I need get the data inside "base64" for a some process. How to do that?
Have you looked at this or this?
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