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Fetch Oracle DB rows & print it in HTML file with table's col headers in table format
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Fetch Oracle DB rows & print it in HTML file with table's col headers in table format
Hi All,

I am new to python. I am using Python 3.6 in Spyder on Windows OS.

Can you please guide on how to achieve the below one's, I need to fetch Oracle DB rows & print it in HTML file with table's column headers in table format :

1. Fetch some 10 or 20 rows & columns using a Oracle select query (example : SELECT * FROM EMP ORDER BY DEPT_ID).

Note : Here, I am able to connect to Oracle DB using cx_Oracle, and execute and print the output in the terminal window

2. Write the fetched rows into a new HTML file.

Note :
a. Tried filewriter.write(SQL), but not able to print the output in the HTML file. Not sure if i need to use any additional libraries to do this step !

b. I am able to do some sample printing like hi, date in HTML file, just to check if i am able to write into HTML file. For formatting purpose, i tried to add some new empty lines into the HTML file, which is not working. print('\n') or print('\\n') or print('\r\n') or filewrite.writer('\n') are not working, also added sys.stdout=filewriter, still not working. Dont know why!?

3. In HTML, the query output should be written, along with table's column headers and this output should be in table format with table borders ( as we see in the GUI Tools like SQL Developer, TOAD, Etc). How to achieve this?

4. Also, interested to know how to give some bold color to only one column alone. Example : Out of 10 columns fetched to display in HTML file, just put RED color for the 4th column alone
You don't show us your code, so it is guessing. Let me start with the problem to write to the file. Have you read: 7.2. Reading and Writing Files?
So what is the problem?
f = open('aa.html', 'a')

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