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What is the future of Python? And which one is better Python or C++?
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What is the future of Python? And which one is better Python or C++?
@ndc85430. Thanks for guiding me. Actually, I am new to the forum.
I will not use to quote anyone again.
@metulburr Thanks a lot. You have almost cleared all the questions I asked
in this thread. I am also of the view that Python has a great future ahead.
2. neither. both have cases in which they are "better" for common interpretations of "better". maybe the question to ask is: which language can be used for the cases that the other does "better"? i think the answer to that is: both. then you might ask: which should i learn? my answer is: flip a coin. don't use a penny or you will get a cheap answer.

3. with a web server.
Tradition is peer pressure from dead people

What do you call someone who speaks three languages? Trilingual. Two languages? Bilingual. One language? American.
All my friends developers are usually using java and python as far as I know

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