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Changing to new Python formatting example
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Changing to new Python formatting example
1) Is the following changes to new style of Python Formatting correct? And if not, what is a better way to efficiently format by reduce no. of lines, etc.

2) For example, there is the f-string method. When is the best scenario to use each formatting method?

return "%s %s\n%s"%(self.salutation,,self.address)
return "{} {}\n{}"%(self.salutation,,self.address)
new style
return "{} {}\n{}".format(self.salutation,,self.address)
return f"{self.salutation} {}\n{self.address}")
use f-strings
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no one really uses the old style anymore at all. Some people still use the new method. However f strings are the newest method.
use f-string. they're more readable, and I'm pretty sure a bit more performant (but don't quote me on that).

UNLESS you are in the logger library. In this case, use the old style.

import logging
logger = logging.getLogger('arb')
logger.debug("use old style s% here", your_str_var)

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