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Handling multi-input/output audio in python
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Handling multi-input/output audio in python
I want to do something like that:

I have two stereo cards and I want to play music completely selectively, this means 1.mp3 on 1 channel in 1 sound card and 1 channel on 2 sound card, 2.mp3 on 2 channel in 1 sound card and 3.mp3 na 2 channel in 2 sound card. And changing that just in time.

I read about that few evenings and most of people suggest Naudio and C# .NET.

I found this but this used 1 card= 1 otput and this isnt perfect solution for me.
Additionally I tried to implement this and my usb card play music but integrated card no -> throw error when I set they index as source.

Somebody help me? some solution? suggestion? maybe linux has console complex sound player and python can manage them easly?

thank you
you might be able to find a package that helps you here:
ohh a lot of packages. maybe you can recommand one of them ? :)
Would if I could, but I haven't used any of them
Hello, I would like to control the mix 44 soundcard -(Mix Vibes) 4 IN / 4 OUT- with python on windows to make sounds through one of the both speakers that I will choose and registered through one of the three microphones that I will connect. Have you got advises ? A toolbox which I can use to do that ?

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