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Trying to set up virtualenv for windows not working
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Trying to set up virtualenv for windows not working
Hello. I am trying to learn web development using python and django. I have watched a few videos and most suggest using virtualenv. I have installed python 3.9 from windows store and did pip install virtualenv all successful. I have made a directory on my desktop where I plan to keep all my web development stuff.

I am trying to follow this guide:
The only difference is that I have not installed the python as he did, I just installed it from windows store but I believe that should not cause any problems?

Once I am in my working directory, I am trying to set up my virtual environment :
virtualenv . 
However, with no luck.. See the url image below

Can someone give me some tips on how to properly setup everything in my windows machine?
It seems that I have some problems with paths but im not certain how do I fix it
python3 -m virtualenv .
Seems to be working. Could you explain what are the differences between these two functions?

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