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how to pass arguments between pythons scripts?
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how to pass arguments between pythons scripts?
Hello, everybody,
I'm new in python and i'm trying to pass arguments between different scripts but they only update one way:
i'm calling the first script in maya with a shelf in maya like this:

import sys
import UiMayaTest as SBIRP
myPM = SBIRP.createUI()
this called script '' is a simple window with an intField entry and a button:

import sys
import maya.cmds as cmds
from functools import partial

def buttonPressed(episode, *args):
    passValue(episode, *args)
    print '============== buttonPressed ================'
    print 'EpisodeName ', EpisodeName

    Var = ''
    import UiMayaTestFunction
    Var = UiMayaTestFunction.FindVarFunc(EpisodeName,Var)
    print 'Var : ',Var

def createUI(): 
    myWindow = "SomeWindow"
    if cmds.window(myWindow,ex=True):
    cmds.columnLayout( adjustableColumn=True )
    cmds.text( label='Episode:  ', align='left' )
    episode = cmds.intField( "Episode", minValue = 100, maxValue = 1000, value =100)
    cmds.button(l="Open Last LIT scene", w=150, h=30, command=partial(buttonPressed,episode))

def passValue(episode, *args):
    global EpisodeName
    EpisodeName = `cmds.intField( episode, query = True, value = True)

and the script called by it is called '' and just return a variable called Var:

def FindVarFunc(EpisodeName, Var):
    print '============== FindVarFunc ================'
    print 'EpisodeName:' , EpisodeName 
    Var = 'Hello world'
    print 'Var: ',Var
    return Var
the variable 'EpisodeName' from UiMayaTest to UiMayaTestFunction is well updated each time i press the button,
but if i change the variable Var = 'Hello world' in UiMayaTestFunction by for example Var = 'Gnnn', it doesn't update it,
i've got always the same print or 'Var'... 'Hello world'
Thanks by advance for any help...
I certainly hope it always prints 'Var: Hello world' since setting Var = 'Hello world' is the last thing you do before printing Var.

This has nothing to do with functions being in different modules.  It is just a logic error that you have to fix.  This code exhibits the same behavior and the function and function call are in the same module.
def set_string_func(string):
    print('Received', string)
    string = 'yellow'  ## Why doing this if passed string?
    print('Returning', string)  ## string is always 'yellow' after assignment
    return string

string = set_string_func('mellow')
The output is:
Quote:Received mellow
Returning yellow
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sorry for the answer very late and thanks for the answer deanhystad, it's ok now!

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