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New Theme for all users
(Oct-18-2020, 09:54 AM)metulburr Wrote: Hide what?

Replies, Views, Rating
I would like replies and views, rating i could care less about. In fact prefer to hide.
i switched to the new dark theme. the code shows up as expected. would like a not so bright edit box like where i am typing right now. also some wasted space in this theme but i will suggest about this later since it is not so important.
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I find the [email, Find, rate ...] bar deceptively close to the next poster post (if there is one of course).

Almost 'rated', and even after that almost also 'liked', the wrong poster/post.

Or to put it in an other way.
I think there is no real visual hint to where that bar belongs. The post above or below.
While looking at it, it kinda feels more connected to the post below, than the post above it. At least to me that is.

Other than that, its a nice looking soft Theme(the default theme I presume).

Anyway. Just getting that little, almost hiccup (which would have ruined my day so to speak), out of my system.
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i have had that problem with software i am not familiar with. Usually i got to the top or bottom "post" and compare it with others to determine if it is a bottom bar or a top bar to associate it with the correct one.

I think this is a common problem, especially if you use different software that has bottom and top bars as you are not sure which a new software uses.

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