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Running from boot
(Nov-02-2020, 08:59 PM)Murray6301 Wrote: I loaded the module again in it seemed to load correctly. The program still runs in Thonny. Not sure what is going on.
PS I loaded a simple LED blink program and it ran at boot, so the problem has to be with the w1thermister module.
Thonny comes with own build Python version.
This Python version will not be used when you do @reboot python(now it will use OS python version).
So two ways try to give path to where Thonny's python version is placed.
Or install w1thermsensor to OS Python version pip install w1thermsensor.
From command line test python -V or python3 -V,same with pip pip3 -V it most point to a Python 3.6+ version as Python 2 is dead💀

Using OS python:
@reboot python3 /home/pi/ &
Using Thonny python:
@reboot path_to_thonny/python /home/pi/ &

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