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looking for confirmation
hello everyone
iam new to python, started to learn it today
iam a network guy but i want to do something and i need anyone to confirm if i can do it with python or not
i have a sqldb and i want to create reports with html , css and python
so the user access the html and fill the required information and hit submit then the result come out from sqldb
i hope i could clarify what i mean
and if it clear would anyone confirm to me that i can do such thing or i must learn crystal report to do such a thing ?
thank you
for web development, there's Flask:
Flask can be used with common bootstrap themes. It's my biased recommendation.

There's also Django:

whatever floats your boat.

Many packages for networking:

Python can be used with Just about any DBMS.
I have a tutorial for SQLalchemy (can connect to just about ant DBMS) here:

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