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ImportError: No module named
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ImportError: No module named
Hello. I am facing the following error messages:

Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 8, in <module> import optimizers.PSO as pso ImportError: No module named optimizers.PSO

when executing python

The file "optimizer" it is in the current directory, and there is a folder called "optimizers" where the file "" lives. So what I am doing wrong?
When you post a question don't assume the reader (me) has any idea what you are talking about. PSO, MFO mean nothing to me (particle swarm optimization?). Should they? Is PSO a module or is it something that is defined in a module?

The message says that there is no file name optimizers/ and no file named that defines something named PSO. What are you expecting? What is in the optimizers folder?
Quote: Is PSO a module or is it something that is defined in a module?

It is a file with a function
def PSO
inside of it

Quote:What are you expecting?

That the file "" runs because there is a "" inside the "optimizers" folder

Quote:no file named

This file has a
import optimizers.PSO as pso
inside it, I should have mentioned it.
If function PSO in, you can try:
from .optimizers.MFO import PSO as pso

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