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reading json file
I'm new to python so I need a bit of direction. I've got some python code given to me to run against some quite complicated json files. I followed directions but cannot get the code to work correctly so I'm obviously missing something. I have decades of programming experience but not in this new environment. I used fortran, cobol, pascal etc. Things a bit different now. SO anyway I downloaded python 3.8.2 onto my pc. Loaded the python script and json file into the same path. Normally when runnign code I'd like to see a debug of what the code is doing. How do I turn that on? I cannot tell where python is trying to read from. Here's the script. It seems you need a wildcard to input NAME. Not sure where to do this. I open idle, then open this script and do run module. But no output. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

import json

def findfraud(NAME):
    with open(NAME + '.json', encoding="utf8") as f:
        x = json.load(f)
    TotalVotesLost = 0
    for i in range(len(x["data"]["races"][0]["timeseries"])):
        if i != 0 and x["data"]["races"][0]["timeseries"][i]["votes"] * x["data"]["races"][0]["timeseries"][i]["vote_shares"]["trumpd"] < x["data"]["races"][0]["timeseries"][i-1]["votes"] * x["data"]["races"][0]["timeseries"][i-1]["vote_shares"]["trumpd"]:
            if x["data"]["races"][0]["timeseries"][i]["votes"] * x["data"]["races"][0]["timeseries"][i]["vote_shares"]["bidenj"] > x["data"]["races"][0]["timeseries"][i-1]["votes"] * x["data"]["races"][0]["timeseries"][i-1]["vote_shares"]["bidenj"]:
                print ("Index : " + str(i) + " Past Index : " + str(i-1))
                print (x["data"]["races"][0]["timeseries"][i]["votes"] * x["data"]["races"][0]["timeseries"][i]["vote_shares"]["trumpd"] - x["data"]["races"][0]["timeseries"][i-1]["votes"] * x["data"]["races"][0]["timeseries"][i-1]["vote_shares"]["trumpd"])
                TotalVotesLost += x["data"]["races"][0]["timeseries"][i]["votes"] * x["data"]["races"][0]["timeseries"][i]["vote_shares"]["trumpd"] - x["data"]["races"][0]["timeseries"][i-1]["votes"] * x["data"]["races"][0]["timeseries"][i-1]["vote_shares"]["trumpd"]
    print (str(str(TotalVotesLost)  + " Flo"))

def findfraud2(NAME):
    with open(NAME + '.json', encoding="utf8") as f:
        x = json.load(f)
    TotalVotesLost = 0
    for i in range(len(x["data"]["races"][0]["timeseries"])):
        if i != 0 and x["data"]["races"][0]["timeseries"][i]["votes"] < x["data"]["races"][0]["timeseries"][i-1]["votes"]:
            TotalVotesLost += x["data"]["races"][0]["timeseries"][i]["votes"] - x["data"]["races"][0]["timeseries"][i-1]["votes"]
    print (TotalVotesLost)
Larz60+ write Nov-25-2020, 08:59 AM:
Please post all code, output and errors (it it's entirety) between their respective tags. Refer to BBCode help topic on how to post. Use the "Preview Post" button to make sure the code is presented as you expect before hitting the "Post Reply/Thread" button.

Added for you this time. Please use bbcode tags on future posts.
Please share sample JSON file which contains examples of each data structure used.

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