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Finding global extrema of oscillating function
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Finding global extrema of oscillating function
Hello everyone. I have a function that behaves rather badly, and has plenty of local minima. I am interested to find the global one, but unfortunately the problem is really sensitive to the initial data that most algorithms need me to provide.

I am using scipy optimize, and the code looks a bit like this:

def target(n,p):
    for j in range(n):
        if j==p:
        else: w.append(0)
    return np.array(w)

def probability(x,G,n,p):
    return -abs(,psi))*abs(,psi))

def allMinimized(G,n,p,b1,b2): #b1, b2 are the initial guesses for the two variables in x

    return [, res.x[0]]
From the documentation of optimize it is not clear to me how I could improve on the basic algorithm. Do you guys have any tips?

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