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Add a row to a dataframe or append whole dataframe.
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Add a row to a dataframe or append whole dataframe.
I found the solution myself, I don't know if this is clean, proper but it works.
Never touch a working script...
I am sure this will help others.

import pandas as pd
import glob
path = r"path\to\my\folder\*.csv"
df2 = pd.DataFrame(columns=['Name','Reading', 'Office','Phone','address' ])

csvfiles = []
for file in glob.glob(path):
   # print(file)

for csvnub in csvfiles:
   count_row = df.shape[0]
   df2=pd.concat([df, df2])

df2.drop_duplicates(keep='first', inplace=True)
df2.to_csv("InfosTotal.csv", index=True, encoding="utf_8_sig")

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RE: Add a row to a dataframe or append whole dataframe. - by tsurubaso - Jan-07-2021, 01:53 AM

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